Hrithik has a sweet tooth!

By Hindustan Times

MUMBAI, Oct. 21 -- Few people ever get to hang out with their heroes, let alone live their lives. So for 20-year-old Kolkata-based Jyoti Vishwakarma, a die-hard fan of Hrithik Roshan, getting a chance to put herself in the shoes of India's first superhero was more than a dream come true.

"I'm ecstatic that my first ever trip to Mumbai was to meet my favourite star, Hrithik Roshan. I couldn't have asked for more," she says about the day she spent shooting for UTV Stars' show, Live My Life 2, that airs tonight at 7 pm. Even though she's a huge, huge fan of the actor (she even had his name tattooed on her arm), spending a day living like her hero taught her things about him that she never knew before.

Here are five Hrithik facts she discovered. I knew that Hrithik is an inspiration to many people, but what I didn't know was the first person to inspire him was his grandfathe