Hrithik flies through the air for Guzaarish!


By Hindustan Times

Choreographer Ashley Lobo admits that he wasn't sure if Hrithik Roshan would be able to fly through space in Jaane kiske khwaab, takiye ke neeche raat, raki jaati hai, haala ki neend nahin aati hai…, the ethereally magical song in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's soon-to-release Guzaarish.

He's a professional
Sure, he was one of the best dancers in show town but the lyrical dance style took even professionals a couple of hours to perfect. And the actor had barely eight-10 days for rehearsals.

To make things even more complicated, he was nursing a knee injury that had been keeping him away from the dance floor lately.

Hrithik"But the song was important to convey the power and agility of this magician showman who can bounce a ball in air and make it disappear to counterpoint the harsh reality that follows an accident soon after and leaves him completely immobile in a wheelchair," points out Lobo.

"It seemed like an almost impossible task when we started on the week-long rehearsals but Hrithik is a courageous actor. And even though he couldn't bend his knee at right angles, for one particular sequence, he was on and off the dance floor and flying, in what seemed like an improbable miracle," reminisces the choreographer. "I guess, if you can free your mind, it frees up your body too."

What made it even more difficult was that Hrithik had a ball for a partner. Laughs Lobo, "And it was a ball with a mind of its own. It would bounce off in a different direction. But Hrithik is very focused on his work and soon, was controlling it with almost magical precision."