Hrithik can't do without Shah Rukh!



New Delhi, July 2 -- It's not every day that one superstar praises another, but Hrithik Roshan cares nothing for rivalry when it comes to appreciation. The 39-year-old actor says his next film would be incomplete without Shah Rukh Khan, as SRK's production house is managing the special effects for Hrithik's next, Krrish 3.

"Without Shah Rukh and his vision, Red Chillies (the production house) wouldn't have existed. And as a result, we wouldn't have achieved the kind of content (special effects for Krrish 3) we have right now. Clearly, it has all happened due to his foresight for the need of VFX studios," says Hrithik. The film is being directed and produced by his father, Rakesh Roshan, and is scheduled for a November 4 release. "We are trying to achieve something incredible; something that could have been considered impossible till a few years ago," he says.

After wrapping up the superhero flick, he has the makers of two other projects - Bang Bang and Shuddhi - waiting in queue, earning himself the title of 'one of the busiest actors' in B-town. And, producers aren't the only ones the actor is keeping waiting. Roughly a year ago, the Maharashtra state government had approached the actor to become the face of the state. Unfortunately, he had no time then, and now, Hrithik tells us that his date diary is still jam-packed. Although he feels that "it will be a complete and absolute honour to be the face" of the state, his schedule is the one playing spoilsport.

"Right now, all my time is devoted to Krrish 3 and Bang Bang. So it actually depends. If I am able to take out the kind of time required for such a big responsibility (to become the face of Maharashtra), I would consider it a big compliment," says Hrithik. However, as of now, he insists that he has no time to promote tourism for his home state