Hrithik and Sussanne back on the couch!


By Hindustan Times

"I’ve seen Hrithik (Roshan) grow up from a shy, scrawny, introverted kid to an mega superstar and a respected actor. He’s changed, but only from the outside. He projects a high level of confidence today, and his social personality has taken a 360 degree turn,” points out Karan Johar, who will have Hrithik and wife Sussanne on his couch this Sunday on Koffee With Karan, for the second time in three seasons.

It’s an achievement given how media shy the couple usually is. Karan attributes Sussanne’s immediate “yes” to the comfort and closeness they share. He admits that the lovely, friendly girl who won Hrithik’s heart 16 years ago, has evolved into a successful career woman who knows her mind and her heart.

HrithikAnd he gives the credit for this to her husband who’s never restricted her in any way. “I like my partner to always have a smile on her face,” is Hrithik’s explanation.

Since the third season flagged off, Karan’s top-rated chat show has been sparking off controversies aplenty over candid comments by his guests. Are there any shocks in store in this episode? “No shocks but plenty of surprises,” promises Karan. Sussanne has revealed that her husband is usually blissfully unaware that girls find him ‘hot’ but he knows when men at parties are hitting on her. And Hrithik has admitted that their fights never last long: “She only has to look at me and laugh, and I cool down in a jiffy.”