Hrishitaa Bhatt shoots in Parliament without permission


By Hindustan Times

Actor-producer Hrishitaa Bhatt’s Shakal Pe Mat Ja has achieved quite a rare feat.

A portion of her debut film was shot in the Parliament premises without any prior permission.

Inspired by terror attacks in the country, the film has largely been shot around the New Delhi airport with a few portions filmed in the Parliament.

“Yes, we shot at the spot at the Parliament where the 2001 attack took place without any permission. We weren’t stopped from shooting. By the end of it though, the security people took me in. But they let me go without any problems,” says debutant director Shubh, who claims that the location was ideal for the film.

The situational comedy is about a group of youngsters, who want to demonstrate how a bomb can be easily planted anywhere.

Shakal Pe Mat Ja has also been shot around the boundary wall of the New Delhi airport.

“It’s supposed to be a high security zone, but no one stopped us. Some time ago, we were shooting a documentary around the wall. And at that time, we were stopped and arrested, but not this time,” adds Shubh.

The film revolves around a bunch of youngsters, who get caught for capturing footage of an aircraft landing, which isn’t allowed.

Set to release on September 23, “the film is a light-hearted spoof on the laidback attitude of our security system and forces,” says Shubh, who has shot a major portion of the film at the Delhi airport.

However, in lieu of the recent terror attacks, the airport withdrew their permission and the film had to undergo some heavy losses.