How do I get rid of Amy tattoo, wonders Prateik Babbar


By Hindustan Times

Couples in love tend to do a lot of things together, but getting matching tattoos with each other’s names is definitely not a good idea if you’re headed for splitsville. Unfortunately, that’s just what Prateik and Amy Jackson did when they began dating. And now, the relationship, which ended a
while back, has left its bitter mark on Prateik’s arm.

Prateik and Amy got tattoos that read, ‘Mera pyar meri Amy,’ (My love, my Amy) and ‘Mera pyar mera Prateik’ (My love, my Prateik) on each other’s arms. While Amy may have gotten rid of hers, Prateik is still figuring how to deal with his ink. A source reveals, “Prateik still has the tattoo. It’s not like the design is small and can be hidden. It’s prominent and very visible. He now wants to get it off since he and Amy aren’t together anymore.”

Apparently, Prateik is asking people for advice on the right place and method to get the art removed. The source says, “There’s a procedure to get tattoos removed and you have to be careful of where you get it done. Getting it off can be troublesome and expensive.”