Hot Bod Bollywood


By IndiaFM

And yes, he too has got six packs. Akshay Kumar, who has just turned 40, is following the blood group diet, patented by naturopath Dr Peter D’Adamo and patronised by Hollywood celebs like Liz Hurley and Courtney Cox-Arquette. Kareena Kapoor had to come out and defend her drastic weight loss by declaring, “I’m not anorexic.” Newcomer Sonam Kapoor has lost over 40 kilos so that she could make a dream debut in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saawariya. Rani Mukerji was on a massive flab-shedding stint to pass off as a teenager in Laaga Chunari Mein Daag.The mantra in Bollywood is simple: get fit or get out. The diet revolution has completely taken over B-Town with actors sharing diet tips at film parties and lugging personal trainers with them as far as Ladakh and Namibia. The race to have the perfect bod is seriously on, so much so that when a website ran a contest on who has the best physique in Bollywood, names like SRK, Aamir and even Ajay Devgan jostled with usual suspects like Salman, Hrithik and John. We present three such stunning case studies that have everyone in the tinsel town talking.

Shahrukh Khan

Time: 3 months

Regime: A strict no-carbs-high-protein diet coupled with a high intensity two-hour cardio session, five times a week

Mission Philosophy: To get the Bruce Lee look. Only then can a shirtless SRK in Om Shanti Om look cooler than Hrithik Roshan in Dhoom 2

Trainer Speak: SRK’s personal trainer for over eight years, Prashant Sawant, says the actor started training religiously during Don. “He intensified his workouts for Chak De India in order to look like a sportsman. But Om Shanti Om was the real challenge since he had to be shirtless for the first time in the song Dard-E-Disco. Since he plays a superstar of 2007 in the film, he had to look cooler than Hrithik Roshan in Dhoom 2.” So, for three months, SRK went on a low-carbohydrate and high-protein diet. Junk food was a complete no-no. “He used to train for over two hours, five times a week. I’d change his workout regime so that he didn’t get bored. The focus was on abdominal circuit training. I’d make him run for three minutes and walk for a minute and then change it to a five-minute run and a 30-second walk. SRK was very clear that he wanted to look lean and didn’t want muscles. I agreed with him because bunched-up muscles won’t look good with his body type. So we decided to get him a Bruce Lee look.” And who was the actor’s inspiration? His son Aryan. “SRK felt Aryan has better abs than him and he wanted to look like him. The bottomline was that if SRK didn’t get six packs, he would stop working out. It’s not easy to achieve that at his age (42 next month) since after 30, the metabolic rate goes down. But if you are strong mentally, anyone can do anything.”

Daily Diet: Protein shake for breakfast; lunch was usually grilled chicken or grilled fish, leafy salads and boiled vegetables. An evening snack was egg whites or egg bhurji without yolk, two slices of brown bread or a protein shake. For dinner, he had chicken tikkas, salads and boiled vegetables

Indulgence: Once in a while, a bar of chocolate

SRK Speak: I wanted a lean look to carry off the six-pack look. So I worked out every day for three months, controlled my diet, and had lots of proteins. Fortunately, I am not a foodie and have always had simple food. I eat grilled and tandoori food. I also took a lot of tips from Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt and Hrithik Roshan. I asked Prashant to take tips from Salman, who is almost the godfather of body-building in India. They all tell me that I look fine. Now I want to tell everyone to start working out.