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From its majestic opening shot, filmed in a single take lasting nearly 14 minutes, we are gripped. The soundtrack rises and the visuals assume laser-sharp clarity in the vast, noise-free expanse of space..Read on..
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Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was supposed to visit India this month, had to cancel his trip because of certain personal commitments that got rescheduled.
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The distress caused by Ritesh Batra’s The Lunchbox being passed over for Gyan Correa’s The Good Road as India’s submission for the foreign language Oscar seems to have caused a little ripple in Los Angeles.
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Miley Cyrus made fun of the US government shutdown during her hosting gig on Saturday Night Live.
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The Mumbai Film Festival will close on October 24 with Bill Condon’s The Fifth Estate, a dramatic thriller about WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange.
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According to Indian law, health warnings are mandatory when a character smokes in the films, and cinemas have to play anti-smoking adverts before every movie.
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Latest space film 'Gravity', a new 3D thriller about two stranded astronauts floating through space, soared to the top of weekend movie charts.
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Hollywood actor Halle Berry welcomed her first son with husband, French actor Olivier Martinez on Saturday.
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Two-time Oscar-winning actress Jane Fonda is all set to receive American Film Institute's lifetime achievement award, which is one of the highest honours in Hollywood.
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Many of the superheroes that you might have seen on the big screen off late, are ready to make a second appearance, telling a fresh story and battling new villains.
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