Why Bollywood celebs don't get Oscar-like goodies?

The nominees in the acting and direction categories, at this year’s Oscars, will go home with a goody bag worth $80,000 (almost Rs. 50 lakh), whether or not they win an award.

Reportedly, the freebies in the swag bag include weight-loss shakes, fine art pieces, tour package to Vegas, Japan and Australia, aerial circus lessons, home spa systems, hair transplant voucher and more. There is also vaginal rejuvenation procedure on the offer for the ladies and a pepper spray gun as well. Incidentally, the goodies are worth more than what some of these nominees earned as fee for acting in the films they are nominated for.

In India, Bollywood actors say that it’s sad that artists who are nominated at awards here win nothing, even though their work may be almost as good as the winner, in some cases.

Several industry insiders, however, say that in India the award  itself is the goody. During a recent interview, actor Ajay Devgn had said, “Whichever star says they’ll perform (at the awards), is given an award.”

Atul Mohan, film trade analyst, points out, “Which award in India are as prestigious as the Oscars? These events are commercial, driven by glamour and cash.”

However, there’s another goody bag in India that actors battle for – one they get on Karan Johar’s TV chat show. That bag is worth Rs. 3.5 lakhs (approx), and includes high-end gadgets, fancy chocolates, et al.