When Hanks became Disney!

New Delhi, Feb. 6 -- When two-time Academy Award winner, Tom Hanks, talks about taking on the role of the legendary Walt Disney in his new movie, Saving Mr. Banks, he is quick to point out that he neither looks like him or sounds like him and that his approach to capturing Walt Disney on screen comes from a different place.

"I can grow a moustache and part my hair but the job at hand was to somehow capture all that whimsy that is in his eyes as well as all of the acumen that goes along with it," comments Hanks.    

"You can't do an imitation of Walt Disney. There is a cadence to the way he sounds that comes from his enthusiasm for what is in his head. His head was so full of magnificent ideas that he could not help make everybody else excited about what those ideas were. That's what I was going for."