Stephen King: It isn't just a horror movie..


New Delhi, Sept. 13 -- Author Stephen King's books have churned out some of the biggest films in Hollywood. The 1994 film, The Shawshank Redemption, which is adapted from his novella, titled Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, is rated as one of the best films of all times. 
The new horror film titled It, which has been receiving rave reviews across the globe, has been adapted from King's 1986 novel by the same name. In an interview, King explains the secret behind the adaptations, It, and more. Excerpts:
When you watch a film based on one of your books, such as It, do you think about the changes, or just enjoy the movie?
Both. I look to see what's there and what's not there. But I like movies, so I have a tendency to just kick back in the third row with a box of popcorn and enjoy it.
What, specifically, did you connect with in this film?
This film really feels like something different and worthwhile. It isn't just a horror movie; it has resonance. [Director] Andy (Andres) Muschietti really caught the kids and their friendship. He captured the reality of kids growing up in the '80s, and I liked that because I raised kids at that particular time.
You've said that you were a fan of Muschietti's previous film, Mama. Can you tell us what you liked about that and how does it connect with It?
Andy has the same things going in It as he had in Mama - both movies have a visual lushness. But that visual lushness is always kept under control by the storytelling. The storytelling holds onto the narrative thread completely so that everything else is just thrilling.