Shakira: 'My song is very reggae'

New Delhi, Feb. 7 -- She may have been away from the music scene for a while, but Shakira is back with a bang. The video of the Colombian beauty's latest song with singer Rihanna, from her upcoming self-titled album, has crossed 77 million views on YouTube in less than a week.

With her album due for a March release, here's the hip-swiveller talking about what to expect from it. What's the inspiration behind your upcoming album, Shakira? What kind of music can the fans look forward to?

This album is something I had been working on for over two years. The work on it has spanned a very eventful and the happiest period in my life by far, including the birth of my son, Milan. I've explored new directions, worked with many different people, and written many demos before arriving at the finished product that I will soon be presenting. When the time came to put a name to this album, I realised that it's not exactly a thematic album, though love is and always has been one of my main subjects and a source for inspiration. It's also not as conceptual as some of my albums in the past have been.

Your song, Can't Remember to Forget You, is rocking music charts everywhere. Why was Rihanna your choice to collaborate with?

The song is reggae, yet has a vintage feel. That's why Rihanna is the perfect feature in the song. I was eager to work with her for a long time. Her voice in the song is just unreal cause she is reggae! The intensity with which she delivers her lines is amazing. How hard is it to balance professional and personal life once you have a baby?

It is a part of motherhood, and I'm still trying to figure it all out. I have a feeling I will try to do the same for the rest of my life. Some people put it like it's very idyllic, some people put it like it's a torturing experience, but it's not quite one thing or the other. It's like life - it comes with everything.    

Meanwhile...Shakira has been slammed by a Colombian politician who calls her latest single's video 'immoral'. Marco Fidel Ramirez has started a petition to have his country's National Television Authority ban the music video, saying it promotes tobacco and lesbianism because the two ladies are seen smoking cigars and cuddling.