Scorsese lends a hand towards Indian film restoration


Mumbai, Sept. 1 -- Earlier this year, director Shivendra Singh Dungarpur (he made the National Award-winning film, Celluloid Man) set up the Film Heritage Foundation, with the intention of restoring and preserving old Indian films.

In the west, acclaimed film-maker Martin Scorsese has been a champion of film restoration with his The Film Foundation. Now, the Oscar-winning Hollywood film-maker will be aiding Dungarpur's new venture, Film Preservation and Restoration School India, established with the aim to train professionals in film restoration. The Italy-based Cineteca di Bologna, which also works towards archival conservation, will also collaborate with this project.

The school's first activity will start with a week-long workshop in February 2015.

However, Dungarpur says there hasn't been enough support from film circles in India or from the government yet. "There is very little support from people. We are even trying to bring it to the notice of the Government of India," says Dungarpur.

Ask him what Scorsese's involvement will be, and he says, "Scorsese will share his own expertise, and will send a team of film-restoration experts."