Russell Peters Loves performing in India!


New Delhi, Feb. 17 -- Stand up comic Russell Peters loves performing in India . The 33-year-old is back in the country in less than 18 months for a three-city tour as a part of Stage 42, a comedy festival.

Russell loves the fact that fans love his performances and that's why he keeps coming back to India. "People want to see me here!" he said, adding, "Apart from the parental connect, I have always loved performing here. I mean, I don't go to South America because they don't want me there. My shows are very popular in Bangkok, Hong Kong," he told us before his performance in the Capital on Saturday

Russell, who will perform in Bengaluru and Mumbai in the coming week, also said that he is happy to see the progress that comedy in India has made so far. "I don't want to blow my own trumpet, but it was sort of me who started this entire culture, you know," he remarked cheekily. "We have the same agents and then, when I come here, they know that I have done houseful shows and massive people come to watch them. So naturally, they are also inlined to come here and do their shows here," he said.