Promo Verdict: PC looks hot as an FBI trainee in Quantico!

By Tulsi, News Network

The promo is finally out, and all you Priyanka Chopra fans can cheer all you want! She looks absolutely fantastic! Sexy, slick and unbelievably bold, this FBI trainee is surely to steal international hearts!

The last time PC did an international thing, Indians were too busy laughing at her accent instead of appreciating her guts and talent. Well look where she’s now!

She was supposed to have a completely American accept, which isn’t really the case. She does sound different, but that’s okay! It’s all part of her exotic appeal! She went through training for her accent as well!

Look what she has to say about it!

I have never played an FBI agent. In fact, you will hear me speak in a more American accent than the one that I already have! Because to be a FBI agent, you need to be an American citizen, so it was very important for me to get that right. I had dialect coaching to sound even more American and how much I have laughed! Because I told them in India anyway people think I have an accent, now with Quantico, that’s on some other level. But as an actor you do it, like when I did Kaminey, I sounded so Maharashtrian. For Jhilmil, I had to change my voice completely.”

About being a global icon, she says: “The world has become this one big global family. I hope to be that change for India, where people don’t just see us as Patel stores, and curry shops and everything that’s typical. It’s a great shift for Indian actors, or even what Anil sir has done with 24 and now Family Guy. I remember, when I was growing up, I didn’t see anyone who looked like me in global pop culture. In today’s time, Rihanna is from the Islands, David Guetta is from Sweden — today’s pop culture reflects global diversity and I want to be part of that.”

Watch the trailer and we promise you, you’re going to love this woman!