Praise from an unlikely quarter: Alia Bhatt wows Ashton Kutcher!


Alia Bhatt has been lauded for her work in the short film Going Home by none other than Hollywood A-lister, Ashton Kutcher.

The short film on on woman safety, which has gone viral on various social media sites, has been directed by Queen helmer Vikas Bahl. The film sees Alia playing a young woman, whose car breaks down and she has an encounter with a group of rough-looking men late at night. But without any hesitation, she approaches them and asks them to drop her home.

"Wow. Just wow," Kutcher, 36, posted on his Facebook page along with the link of the short film.

After seeing Kutcher's response, Alia could not contain her excitement and took to twitter to share a snapshot of the Two and A Half Men star's Facebook page. "Unable to form a sentence due to immense joy.. woohoo," the 21-year-old 2 States actor tweeted.