Now sober Lady Gaga admits to having smoked 15 joints a day!

Lady Gaga has admitted that she had previously become addicted to marijuana, in order to numb the pain of her hip injury. In an interview with Attitude magazine, the 27-year-old singer said that it became a habit that occurred when the pain got really bad and she was just continuously numbing herself and then sleeping it off, the Daily Star reported.

The, Poker Face, added that she would then get on stage and get off, and smoke more to ease the pain. Gaga eventually had hip surgery to fix the excruciating pain, but kept turning to the Class B drug to help her perform before canceling her world tour.

She had also enrolled herself in a rehab session with performance artist, Marina Abramovic to wean herself off the drug.

Gaga admitted to smoking a little bit at night presently, just for fun and not to cope, which she claimed is the difference.