Nimrat Kaur bags Emmy-winning show


Mumbai, Aug. 2 -- She started as a model in print advertisements, slowly moving on to the stage, and finally to films. Her performance in The Lunchbox (2013) got her international acclaim, and, now, Nimrat Kaur has a plum overseas offer.

The actor has bagged a role in the international TV series, Homeland, alongside new cast members like Art Malik and Mark Moses. The drama, which stars Claire Danes and Damian Lewis, among others, is in its fourth season. When we contacted Nimrat, she was already on location in Cape Town, South Africa, to shoot for the show. Explaining how she got the role, she says, "I was in London for some work after going to Slovenia for a film festival. The makers got to know I was there, and they asked me to audition. It was a very last-minute thing, and I was squeezed between two people's slots. Within a few days, I was asked to block my dates." Ask her if her performance in The Lunchbox led to the offer and she says, "They'd heard of me because of the film, but it was only after they saw my audition that the studio and channel heads decided to watch it.

That sealed the deal for me." Nimrat admits that she had heard a lot about the acclaimed show, but had never seen it, so she has been watching episodes in quick succession now. "I was shown the first episode of season four, but when I reached Cape Town, I asked the production guys to arrange for the earlier seasons. I just finished watching the last episode of season three on Thursday (July 31) night," she says.