Newton: Is India's Oscar entry copied from Secret Ballot?


Director Amit V Masurkar’s Newton was declared India’s official entry to the Oscars on Friday. The film has already garnered good reviews. 
By Saturday, some people on social media started talking about the similarities between Newton and Iranian film Secret Ballot.
Both the films have a protagonist who wants to conduct a free and fair election. It’s Rajkummar Rao in Newton and a female election officer in Secret Ballot. They both are accompanied by a soldier rather a military personnel who doesn’t have much faith in the electoral system.
However, the similarities end here as the two films appear quite different in terms of their tone.
Amit V Masurkar doesn’t deny knowing about Secret Ballot. Speaking to NDTV, Masurkar said, “I remember after I wrote the script and just before I was going to shoot, a friend told me about Secret Ballot. Since the film was on YouTube I watched bits and pieces but that was very different I felt. A lady polling officer goes door to door. Also, there is some kind of romantic track which is not in Newton.”
He further said, “I knew someday people will draw similarities but what can one do? When you write a story there is a possibility that someone else must have written a similar story somewhere in the world.”
Secret Ballot is available on YouTube, but it doesn’t look similar to Newton.