Kunal Nayyar teaches Conan O Brien Bollywood dance moves!


On the sets of Conan O Brien's TV show for promoting his forthcoming film Dr Cabbie, Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar couldn't resist breaking into a jig, and even gave an impromptu tutorial to the host on how to get his Bollywood dance moves right.

When asked if he would like to work in a Bollywood musical, the actor said, "Yeah, I'd love to do Bollywood. From the rest of the world, we get flak, like Bollywood? But isn't that like Broadway? No one is making fun of that, why are you making fun of Bollywood?"

Further explaining how Bollywood dance numbers works, the English-born Indian actor said, "It's not easy to commit to singing and dancing. It is hard thing to do." And just when Conan asked him if Kunal has the moves, the actor quipped, "I should teach you some Bollywood moves."

And then Daler Mahendi's Tunak Tunak played on the sets as Conan followed in Kunal's steps. Conan even did some headbangs, waving his hair funnily.

Some publicity that is for Kunal's upcoming movie, slated to hit theatres on September 19.