Jose Padilha: 'Indian cinema is vibrant, thriving'

New Delhi, Feb. 10 -- Ace Brazilian filmmaker Jose Padilha is in the limelight and fast gaining popularity with the upcoming reboot of the 1980s classic film, Robocop. And the 46-year-old is playing it smart by keeping himself abreast of every other film industry in the world.    

The Elite Squad (Portuguese, 2010) filmmaker, in an interview with HT City, admitted that even though he loves Indian cinema, he will find it incredibly difficult to make an Indian film. "Indian cinema has one of the most alive and vibrant styles of filmmaking today. I honestly don't know if I'd be capable of making a movie in India with the same kind of style," he said.

Jose thinks that his ideas around cinema are different from that of Indian filmmakers'. "If I have to state the obvious truth, India is one of the only few places in the world today where cinema is thriving without any false effort. I know that in India, the format of films is longer and it has a lot of music in them, it's a different kind of filmmaking," he said.    

"I have seen a documentary by an Indian filmmaker at Sundance (annual Film Festival in Utah, America), and it was a really good film, it was a lot of fun as it educated me a lot about India and its unique culture," added Jose. Robocop is set to hit the theatres in India on February 14.