It was really something staying in Delhi!: Naomi Watts

In the past few years, Hollywood actor Naomi Watts has visited India multiple times, and shopped at Delhi’s Khan Market and Jaipur’s Chaura Rasta. This, besides spending time with her partner Liev Schreiber (with whom she has two sons — Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete and Samuel ‘Sammy’ Kai)- when he was shooting in the Capital for Mira Nair’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2012).

As her latest flick, Diana — a biopic on the last two years of the life of the late Princess of Wales — gets set to open, the actor, in an email interview, talks about India, her British-Indian co-star in the film — Naveen Andrews, and more.

It’s the first time you have worked with Naveen Andrews. How was the experience since he has an India connect?
Well, working with Naveen was great fun and a delightful experience. In fact, he told me a lot of great things about India while we were working together.

You stayed in Delhi for some time with Liev (Schreiber) last year. How was it to visit the city?
It was really something staying in Delhi for all that time! More than anything else, the food and an amazing culture is something that I personally like the most about India. If I get an opportunity, I would love to visit the country again with my family.

Have you ever watched a Bollywood film? Do you know of any Bollywood actors?
I haven't really watched any Bollywood film but if I do get a chance, I would love to watch a Hindi movie and know more about Bollywood actors.

You’ve played many challenging roles in the past. How is Diana different from all of them?
Diana has been a memorable experience for me. After all, I got a chance to play someone who I could only dream of playing on screen. It is a movie that I will cherish forever ... I went through all her interviews and footages to get her accent and her expressions right. We couldn’t get in touch with the royal family but we did get a chance to meet her close friends and people who knew her.