I treasure my interactions with Satyajit Ray: Martin Scorsese


New Delhi, Feb. 23 -- American filmmaker Martin Scorsese needs no introduction. In his 50-year career, Scorsese's films have won a total of 20 Academy Awards across various categories, including the Best Director award in 2007 for The Departed.

At 74, he has had a close relationship with the Indian film industry as well. Anurag Kashyap had sent two of his films, Gangs of Wasseypur and DevD, to the Hollywood filmmaker. Scorsese later sent Kashyap a letter praising the films. Speaking to HT City in an exclusive interview, Scorsese says, "He (Kashyap) sent me a couple of his films, and I loved them. I told him the same. I remember sending him a letter as well after it. I met him at a film festival a couple of years ago."

It's not only those films that Scorsese remembers fondly. The Raging Bull director has long been a big fan of two Indian legends: filmmaker Satyajit Ray, and dancer Uday Shankar for his classic Kalpana (1948).

"I'm totally in awe of the movie Kalpana. It's a genuine dance film. In other words, a film which is not just about dance, but there is dance in movement, composition and energy," Scorsese says. "I'm also a big fan of Satyajit Ray's body of work. The few interactions I had with Ray are memories I treasure."

Scorsese's latest directorial venture Silence saw him working with Japanese actors - the filmmaker elaborates on Hollywood working with actors from different countries. It's a great trend, he feels, and he himself would love to work with more foreign actors.

"It's good that our industry is tapping great talent across the globe. It's progress," he says. "It's good for the industry, which thrives on talented performances. In Silence, I worked with Japanese actors. They are remarkable. Meeting them, working with them is a revelation. Their range, the depth of their talents is astonishing. It's good that barriers are being broken. Good time to be alive."