I love playing Thor: Chris Hemsworth

New Delhi, Nov. 8 -- Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth is back as Thor, the mighty hammer-weilding avenger in the film, Thor: The Dark World, that releases today. Talking about his famed weapon, Chris says, "Thor is the God of Thunder. He has a weapon called Mjolnir, which is basically a big, magical hammer that has been forged from the heart of a dying star. It can summon the lightning and control the elements and also gives him the ability to fly.     

Talking about portraying Thor for the third time, Chris says, "I love playing the character. The trick is to find new ways to make the character have some sort of advance or growth from the last film. That's the trick of the director, writer and the actor obviously coming together and asking what's the next step and where are we going to take him."  

Talking further about his character, Chris says, "In the first film Thor was a young spoiled teenager, about to take on the throne and be king. Then his father realises that he's not quite mature enough to do that and his priorities are in the wrong place. He's full of ego and attitude. During that film, he is humbled and we leave that first story with Thor about to step into the responsibility of possibly becoming king of Asgard."

He adds, "In this film, we pick up with him really coming to an understanding of what that entails and the darker side of that responsibility. He figures out that it doesn't necessarily come with all the privileges; there are a lot of sacrifices. It's that next step in his evolution to become king."    Talking about working with legendary actor Anthony Hopkins, Chris says, "He's the greatest. Having worked together before, there's an ease and familiarity... Anthony is one of those rare actors that I could just be around and watch all day long. There's such a depth to everything he does, no matter how subtle."