Gravity reignited my passion: Sandra Bullock

Actress Sandra Bullock says starringin new sci-fi thriller Gravity reignited her passion for filmmaking. The Oscar-winning actress admits the gripping flick made her fall in love with her profession all over again, reported Contactmusic. "I've been granted many times to have different experiences in my career. There's the work and there's a career. I can't control the career aspect because it's all about timing and other things.

"For me, it was a rebirth in my excitement at filmmaking and my part in it. Alfonso didn't have to be collaborative, but he's one of the most collaborative people I've worked with. So it was a rebirth in my faith in why I chose this profession," she said.

Bullock had longed to work with Cuaron, who wrote the film's script with his brother Jonas Cuaron, and was shocked to be offered the role of Dr Ryan Stone in the movie.

"I had been such an extreme admirer of Alfonso's body of work and it was one of those dreams... 'If I can only work with...' The joke in my office was, every time we had a script, 'Do you think Alfonso will direct it?' We knew the answer was no because he writes his own material. But I always used his films as examples of things I loved, to say what we should aspire to."