Freida is all praise for Christian Bale..


New Delhi, March 14 -- Actor Freida Pinto has been working in Hollywood projects for the last seven years, and her next, directed by Terrence Malick - he has made films like The Tree Of Life (2011) and Days Of Heaven (1978) - also stars Christian Bale.

Talking about her experience of working with the popular English actor, the 31-year-old says, "He is a humble and down-toearth actor. Everybody knows him as a star, as Batman, but none of that matters (to him) when he gets on the sets. That's the thing about a great person. No matter how successful you are, you are remembered for how nice you are to people."

She says working on the film was a challenge for her, but is quick to say that since it was directed by Malick, she gave her nod without hesitation. "I grew up watching his films. He has done such amazing work. His idea of storytelling is unconventional. It's unusual, fluid and free-flowing. It's challenging and daunting to be part of a project like that," she says.

Besides acting in diverse films, the actor has been part of various prestigious events across the world. She credits her hard work for that. "I was fortunate that I got to work with the right kind of people. It's been a phenomenal blessing. When I look at my career, I feel glad to have got these kinds of opportunities," says Freida.

However, she says that though she always wanted to be an actor of international repute, when Slumdog Millionaire (2009) came her way and her Hollywood career took off, she was "surprised".