Doing a biopic is a huge responsibility: Hanks

New Delhi, Oct. 12 -- Hollywood star Tom Hanks who plays the role of Captain Richard Phillips in the his next film, Captain Phillips, feels that playing the part of a real person comes with a lot of responsibility. "It's important not to redefine somebody's motivations," said the two-time Oscarwinner.

"[In a movie] you have to have people do or say things they never did or said, and be in places they never were. But you can take that to an extreme where it's not really why this person does what he does, and that's the key. You've got to be a journalist and a historian and a filmmaker all at the same time," he told a magazine.

Directed by Paul Greengrass, the biopic is based on the memoirs of Captain Richard Phillips who was at the helm of the ship and was taken hostage by the pirates who fled the Maersk aboard one of the ship's lifeboats. The film will release in India on October 18.