Arnold signs films he can watch with his kids!


New Delhi, May 24 -- Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger has said that he keeps his kids in mind while signing a film.

"It works on two levels. One, the public demands it. Two, I'm a family man myself now, and I'm always concerned about what kind of movies I can go and see with my daughters. Right now, they're so young they basically only watch cartoons. But let's assume they're five, six, or eight years old. What will they want to see? That makes me think about films where the entire family can go out and see a movie and have a great time and not be offended by too much violence and all these other things," says the 67-year-old.

Unlike his earlier action films, Arnold's upcoming film is a serious, dramatic zombie movie. Titled Maggie, the flick, directed by Henry Hobson, tells the story of Arnold's character. His daughter Maggie, played by actor Abigail Berslin, is ailing with a serious infection that is turning her into a zombie. Premiered at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, this film is set to release across India on May 29.