After her stint in the West, Bhavana keen on Bollywood

New Delhi, Feb. 7 -- India has arrived yet again on the Hollywood-scape, this time showcasing its singing prowess.

Singer Bhavana Reddy, who sung for the Hollywood movie Joy Ride 3, says, "It feels great to achieve another milestone. Can't wait to do more." Bhavana, also a trained Kuchipudi danseuse, made her singing debut with the song, Smells Like Rain.

"Smells Like Rain is a hit. I have people telling me they cannot get the hook off their heads," she says, clearly overwhelmed. Being the daughter of noted dancers, Radha and Raja Reddy, Bhavana has always faced performance pressure.

"I know for a fact that I will always be judged as their daughter and I have to match the expectations with a certain individuality that is unique to me," she says, adding that now she is eagerly anticipating an offer from Bollywood. "I hope Bollywood happens soon. I would love to work with A.R. Rahman and Ustad Zakir Hussain."

Her next musical venture, Tangled in Emotions, is an extended play, which is a foursong short album and is scheduled for worldwide digital release on Feb 8, 2014.