Himesh to sing in English; remove his cap


By IndiaFM

Now this one may as well get entry into 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not'.

Himesh Reshammiya, who has around 50 chartbuster tracks to his credit in last two years, would be taking over the role of an English rock star after getting accolades world over for being a 'desi' rock star. He takes a first step in this direction by singing some of his most popular Hindi songs translated into English!

Confirms the source, "Yes, Himesh is keen to turn over a new leaf in the world of entertainment. In the concert which would be held at the Heineken music hall, Amsterdam on 1st December, he would be singing his 5 best songs in English as well as Hindi."
And which would these songs be? "They are going to be 'Aashiq Banaya Aapne' ['Aashiq Banaya Aapne'], 'Aap Kaa Surroor' ['Aap Kaa Surroor' - The album], 'Tera Mera Milna' [Aap Kaa Surroor - The Movie], 'Assalaam Vaalekum' [Aap Kaa Surroor - The Movie] and 'Aafreen' [Red]", comes the information.

But why this move? "See, 60% of the crowd at Amsterdam would comprise of people who don't understand Hindi. Now Himesh has a huge fan base with the international audience. His popularity worldwide in each of the concerts being held has only proved this further. Till date whenever Himesh has performed abroad, he sings his chartbusters which are loved by his fans. So sad, but many of them don't understand the language," says the source.

"Looking at this, he has decided to come up with a live performance of some of his best numbers. The English version of these 5 songs has already been written", he adds.

Mera Akon connection

Are you aware that after being overwhelmed with a house full reception at Wembley London, Himesh would be the first Indian to perform at Heineken? An arena for international rock stars, Heineken has laid out the red carpet for Himesh while looking at international audience's love for his voice. No wonder, the house is expected to be super packed with Indians and the international audience.

In the past, Heineken has been graced by performers like Akon, Pink Floyd, Beyonce, Norah Jones, Nelly Furtado, Lawrence Hill, Snoop Dogg, Sean Paul, P Diddy, Mika, Kanye West, 50 Cent, Lion Richie, Lauren Hill, James Blunt, Brian MC Knight, Boys II Men, Bob Dylan, Tiesto, Rian Ferry, Pink and Rihanna amongst others.

Kissa Cap Ka

The wait will finally be over.

Ever since Himesh became a household name, there has been mystery surrounding his cap. Though his film 'Aap Kaa Surroor' didn't quite reveal in entirety what was underneath his cap, the concert may change it all. News is that his fans have requested him to perform an act even without the cap since the 'blink and you would miss' look in the film was quite loved. Confirms the source, "Yes, there have been countless requests from his fans in last so many months to remove the cap. Himesh would finally go cap-less in one of the acts."

Meri Bhi Six Pack Abs?

No, don't get mislead here. Himesh isn't quite trying to be a la Shahrukh Khan in 'Om Shanti Om' by working out to an extent of getting those perfect six pack abs. Still, he is on a major fitness spree to get in the right shape for his forthcoming films.

Says the source, "Himesh is quite serious about the way he is required to looks and acts in each of the films that he does from here. He has become quite conscious about his body and is going all out to ensure that he stays in shape. His immediate target is loosing about 7 kilos in next two months. He has a schedule chalked out for his workout and is following a strict diet regime."

Meri Aane Waali Filmein

Come 11th October (once 'Shraddh' gets over) and Himesh fans and detractors would be up for some mega announcements to make them celebrate..and probably gossip! Besides 'Karz', which would be directed by Satish Kowshik, Himesh has been signed for three very big films.

The source says, "Himesh was waiting for the right time to come up with announcements. These are prestigious films with well known film makers. Wait till you hear the names. You would be amazed since people involved with these films have made a name for themselves over the years and also have been involved in career progress of many current superstars."

When do these projects get started? "Each of these projects would roll in January. And yes, needless to say Himesh's look would be different in each of these films. "

Mere Paas Gaane Hain

Not content with basking in the glory of his success and looking ahead by getting himself in the right frame for his multiple upcoming projects, Himesh has also been extremely busy and devoted to what got him into limelight in the first place - His compositions!

The source sets the expectations, "Earlier Himesh had around 500 songs in his music bank of compositions. In the last few months, Himesh hasn't taken a breather and went on to compose 100 more songs. Some of these songs would be used in the films that he acts. He has worked on a wide variety of songs, hence be prepared for some surprises that would come your w