Himesh Reshammiya is back with a bang!


By Joginder Tuteja Bollywood Hungama News Network

Trust Himesh Reshammiya to be ever so ready when it comes to surprising people. Post Karzzzz, all seemed to be quiet on the front of the man who had a lot riding on the much publicized film. While there was a lot being written about the film post its release, Himesh Reshammiya chose to maintain silence and concentrated on his next move.

2008 came to an end and still there wasn't any trace of Himesh. This was the time when talks around his films getting shelved started catching up on steam. However, as it turns out, Himesh was just getting ready to announce his comeback on the big arena with a bang. Over the weeks gone by, he was working on his new look for his upcoming projects like John Mathew Mathan's A New Love Ishtory and Studio 18's Ishk Unplugged.

From his long haired look in Karzzzz, he has gone for a chic new contemporary look for his upcoming projects by cutting his hair short.

Confirms a stylist, who has worked closely with Himesh on his new look, "Himesh will be having this short hair look in both, A New Love Ishtory and Ishk Unplugged. The new cool look is a part of the make over that Himesh is required to go through in A New Love Ishtory. However, the same look would be continued in Ishk Unplugged which is also a romantic comedy just like John's film."

So is it goodbye to the long haired look?

"No, not exactly. The earlier long haired look has been used in John's film for the 'tapori' character that Himesh plays. In the film he will be sporting both the looks", answers the stylist.

From a romantic musical Aap Kaa Surroor to a dramatic Karzzzz and now two back to back romantic comedies - Is Himesh going by the market diktat and shifting focus towards doing comedies?

Says Himesh Reshammiya, who is interacting with media after a brief sabbatical, "It is nice to be working in a different genre. I have had a ball shooting for Bhushan Kumar and John Mathew on A New Love Ishtory. John is a great director and I promise you that with this film, I will deliver a big hit."

What's happening on Kajraare in the meanwhile? Rumors are ceasing to die down about its fate.

"Let people speculate; the fact remains that the film is very much on", Himesh sets the record straight; "I will also be portraying the short haired look in Kajraare too for some key portions. It is a great intense love story written by Bhatt saab and Pooja is a superb director as well. I have learnt a lot from Bhatts."

He is quite positive about Ishk Unplugged too, shooting of which will begin on 1st March. "I am expecting a magical outing with debutant director Swapna Joshi for Ishq Unplugged. Subrat Sinha's script has turned out brilliantly and even though there is just a fortnight left for me to begin work on the film, I am already getting quite impatient", says Himesh Reshammiya in an excited tone.

With John Mathew Mathan's A New Love Ishtory, Studio 18's Ishk Unplugged and Pooja Bhatt's Kajraare arriving in quick succession, 2009 appears to be quite a happening year for Himesh Reshammiya. Here is one to the new cool look!