Himesh foresaw trouble for his song 'Hari Om', kept alternatives ready


By Subhash K. Jha, Bollywood Hungama News Network

One of Himesh Reshammiya's songs 'Hari Om Hari Om' in Karzzzz got itself into trouble. Cleverer than the moral watchdogs after being pulled up for extolling the gods in the song 'Asalaam Waalaikum', Himesh already had alternative situations ready for the Karzzzz song. He promptly deleted the supposedly offensive portion and added the required visual.

Says Himesh, "Yes, we had changed the song in Aap Ka Surroor when some people had objected to it. In Karzzzz, the censors had problem with the dancers in the 'Hari Om Hari' song. We quickly changed that. We didn't want any problems. So, we offered them a number of alternatives and went by whichever they liked."

Earlier a song in Shashi Ranjan's Dhoom Dhadakka showing Aarti Chhabria cavorting to the words 'Hari Om' had to be changed at the last minute to 'Jale Mome'. Says Himesh, "But the censor board had no problems with the words Hari Om. What they objected to was the chorus dancers. So we replaced the dancers with my close-ups. So every time the words 'Hari Om' come on, it's only me solo on screen. Otherwise, 'Hari Om' aren't words being used in our films for the first time."

Elaborates the composer-singer-actor, "We preferred to show the final censored version in the promotional clippings. I think religious and cultural sentiments must be kept in mind. And guidelines for these must be followed. I really don't find it restrictive. Get your material censored. And have alternatives ready, like we did. And people like us in the entertainment business are always under scrutiny. So we have to be extra-careful. The music of Karzzzz is so popular. We wouldn't like to spoil it by hurting anyone. I've never ever compromised with my music. I can never be accused of hurting anyone or copying anyone's songs."