Himesh and Salman bond on '10 Ka Dum'


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

He is someone who never fails to be in the news. Even though he started his innings with a bang, the situation today is that he has as many fans and followers as much as the critics! As they rightly say, 'Love him or hate him...you can't just ignore him'. We are indeed talking about the HR of Bollywood: Himesh Reshammiya...who will now be seen with superstar Salman Khan on the widely watched game show '10 Ka Dum'

For starters, it was Salman Khan himself who had given the 'eternal push' to the then-struggler Himesh Reshammiya, to reach the position where he is today. After a few years though, there were news about the fall-apart of the two. It's by now common knowledge that Salman Khan is a changed man these days, and that he is happy, content and most importantly in a mood to forgive. And for those who thought that having Himesh Reshammiya as a celebrity guest on '10 Ka Dum', was an impossible dream, this episode simply comes as heaven-sent answer to all that!

Those who have seen a glimpse of the episode just cannot stop swearing by it. According to the confirmed sources, Himesh not just came, he sang, and the two bonded like there's no tomorrow! Not just that, they also spoke about nostalgic events. Salman recalled how Himesh is so passionate about his craft that he has woken him up in the middle of the night to discuss a song, or his immense talent that he can compose a song on the spur of the moment. Himesh even gave a live demo of it.

All this was happening at a time when Himesh has got his gala release Radio that's just round the corner. Besides Himesh, the show also saw the presence of two leading heroines of Radio: Sonal Sehgal and Shenaz Treasurywala, visual candies both. One common thing that binds both these heroines is the fact that both of them hail from a TV background. ! For starters, Sonal is the same chic who achieved immense popularity with her telly serial 'Hotel Kingston' and who debuts with this musical bonanza called Radio. And Shenaz Treasurywala is the same very cutie-pie host of MTV who took VJing to a different level altogether and whose debut Ishq Vishk made her a household name instantly.

By now, we are sure that it only becomes needless to remind you to watch the trio in action with Salman Khan, this Saturday, October 10, at 9.00 pm, only on '10 Ka Dum'.