Highway on my plate - The food show on NDTV Good Times !


By Manas Mishra, Bollywood.com News Network

When someone thinks about a good food show on television, he probably has an image of a chef preparing different cuisines in a modular kitchen & the host talking to the audiences and helping the chef in preparing various delicacies. Well, it looks quite sophisticated at times but trust me, good food isn’t restricted to these high-profile kitchens and celebrities acting as hosts.

Well, if you wanna explore some of the most yummiest food, then join Rocky Singh & Mayur Sharma on their show “Highway on my Plate” on NDTV Good Times. The show takes a stride towards some of the best dhabas, restaurants & highway side hotels including interior & the remotest towns & cities as well. The hotels & dhabas are not so affectedly upper class or expensive but are famous in that particular area due to their taste.

If you will see the show then it won’t take long for you to find as to what propels these hosts to experiment with the food as the duo has a great appetite and super-strong stomach as they take us through different towns. Whether it’s Amritsari lassi, Punjabi daal, aalu ka parantha, roganjosh, kulfi falooda, butter chicken, gujarati khaman, chaat, aloo kachoris, jalebis, imartis, agra ka petha, jaipur ka ghevar, palwal ka milk cake, rasmalai, different varieties of paan, chhole kulche, a snack of Pohas in Sangamner or the best cookies in the world for dessert at Kayani in Pune.. You name it and they have it..

Moreover, it is the humour and spirit with which the two of them take the job of hosting the show that makes the viewers engrossed. Out of the two, Rocky is a non-vegetarian & loves to binge on every non-veg delicacy even if his stomach is full. On the other hand, Mayur is a pure vegetarian and it becomes really funny at times to see how Rocky pulls his leg when they land up in a non-veg dhaba or restaurant.

So if you wanna feel the ambience of a roadside dhaba or restaurant i.e, an open area with thatch, a tandoor, dozens of charpoys, tube well and an aroma of fresh tadka, this is the show for you. So fasten your seat belts and get set to accompany Rocky & Mayur, every Friday at 5:30 pm, as they take you through India’s famous roadside dhabas & eating joints. Trust me, it will certainly fulfil your appetite..!!