Heroine taking a toll on Kareena's health!


By Hindustan Times

After Vidya Balan fell ill while shooting for The Dirty Picture, Kareena Kapoor found herself with a sore throat. The lady apparently yelled and cried for a scene in Madhur Bhandarkar's Heroine, reports Mid Day.

The actor who's usually spontaneous on screen decided to follow the same acting style for Heroine too. The actor reportedly let the feelings simmer within her before going in for the take. "When she shot those scenes, she’s really screaming her lungs out, expressing the rage and the pain that her character feels at those moments,” a source told the tabloid.

Kareena on the sets of Heroine
Director Madhur Bhandarkar was apparently so impressed with Bebo's performance that he forgot to say - "Cut".

“She stuck to her natural approach. So when Madhur called for action, she actually burst out – sobbing and giving her dialogue in between sniffles, while everyone around watched in rapt attention. It took Madhur a couple of seconds to realise that the shot was over, before he could call ‘Cut!’,” added the source.

But the emotional portrayal took a toll on the actor and Kareena was down with a sore throat. “So much so that she couldn’t speak properly. Naturally, Madhur was doubly worried," said the source.

Kareena's spokesperson confirmed to the tabloid that Kareena was unwell for some days but didn't let it affect the shooting schedule for the film.

Guess, you have to pay a price for doing intense roles.