Hema Malini: 'Esha should be married by 35'


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Oct. 28 -- Hema Malini admits that daughter Esha Deol wouldn't listen to her at the beginning of her career and refused to be 'guided' on her choice of roles. During this period of rebellion in her younger days, Esha, she agrees, went through her share of highs and lows and emerged a stronger, more grounded person.

The actor-director reveals that then both of them made a pact to rectify all the 'mistakes' Esha had made during the making of her Tell Me O Kkhuda, a movie made to relaunch her career. After taking over the directorial reins for the second time, Hema made sure her daughter didn't sign any other films.

"We both agreed that she needed to focus on this one film for a while and the decision made Esha realise the need to get more selective, thereby bringing more clarity to her life," says Hema.

Even though Tell Me O Kkhuda has come up against Shah Rukh Khan's muchhyped RA. One, Hema is happy with the number of screens they've got. "During Diwali, people will not watch just one film. Ours is a family entertainer with a soul and am sure will find an audience," she asserts.

Like every mother, Hema wants Esha to me married. "For a career woman in today's time, 35 years is the limit but Dharamji doesn't agree. He wants his daughters to be married by 30," she sighs. "We argue over this but ultimately its Esha's decision and we will stand by it."