Heights of fan following: star named after Sidharth Malhotra


By Hindustan Times

He made a promising debut in Student Of The Year (SOTY) and in the process, Sidharth Malhotra seems to have made loads of fans. The young actor recently received a celestial gift from one of his fans in London. A psychology student named Reshma has got a star registered in the actor’s

“It’s a very sweet thing to do. She got the star named after me and also sent me the certificate. In fact, the certificate has the star’s coordinates too, so if I ever want to see the star, I can take out a telescope and do it. She also sent me a long letter saying how much she loved SOTY,” says Sidharth.

Reshma also sent Sidharth a picture of her blanket that has several photos of him. “Later, I remembered that she was the first girl I thanked on Twitter for praising my performance. I think it’s her way of showing affection,” he says.

Sidharth, who is busy rehearsing for award functions, is also excited about his second film that has been titled Hasi Toh Phasi. “The title is quite unique. It’s going to be a crazy, romantic comedy,” says the actor. The film also stars Parineeti Chopra.

Hasi Toh Phasi revolves around middle class folk. “There won’t be any glitz or glamour. Working with Parineeti will be great because her energy is infectious. I just did a photo shoot with her and she can make you smile with her sheer energy. The film will have lots of funny moments. I play a middle class Delhi boy,” says Sidharth, who is going to host a segment at an awards function with Varun Dhawan and Karan Johar.