Harry Baweja speaks on 'sabotage' angle and other accusations!


By Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Love Story 2050 is certainly not giving up at the box office. It is indeed trying well to stay afloat at the box office and Harry Baweja insists that he would give the film at least 2 weeks before arriving at any conclusion.

In a freewheeling chat with Joginder Tuteja, he talks about the unexpected media backlash that Love Story 2050 got and how a 'wrong perception' was created about the film. He also reacts to the so-called 'sabotage attempt' statements made by him and ultimately feels elated about the fact that his son Harman Baweja has been widely accepted by one and all!

Over to Harry:

Et Tu Media?
I really can't come to terms with the way media has gone ahead and criticized the film. Of course, one has to respect the opinion of critics out there but in case of Love Story 2050, it is simply unbelievable to see the way they have reacted. 'Unkind' is the best word to describe the way some of them have gone ahead and reviewed the film. This is wrong criticism because neither have they looked at the film subjectively nor objectively. They have just written about the film with a simple motive to run it down.

Was it 'really' sabotage?
Let me make this very clear through this conversation - 'I never ever said that sabotage attempts were made against Love Story 2050. It has been printed completely out of context and let me say this again that I have never made a statement like this and would never ever do that. Yes, what I can certainly see is that there has been a definite attempt to create a 'perception' about a film. The moment first few shows of the film were through, so many went ahead and started talking negative about the film. Some even did that without even seeing the film. It is fishy, otherwise why would people contribute to creating a negative perception?

What happens next?
The film has stabilized though I would have loved had it been the case a couple of days earlier. We started reacting to the backlash after the weekend was almost through. Anyways, the collections have been decent so far. The film has grossed close to 12 crores across the globe in 3 days itself. Any classification for a film makes sense after it has enjoyed a two-week run. People who went with zero expectations from the film are coming out and saying, 'Hello, what's the backlash all about? It is a decent watch after all'. My point is, let Love Story 2050 enter into the third week and we would all see for our self the way it has performed.

Any regrets?
The biggest regret is that so many people out there who are commenting on VFX etc. are hardly cued into what really goes into creating it and what it actually stands for. How can you criticize something if you have zilch clue about the technicalities behind it. The people who have worked on the VFX of the film are Academy Award winners and the best in the business. Still, somehow the point has been missed completely. What I thought to be the USP of the film (futuristic/sci-fi genre) seems to be the bone of contention of so many out there!

What could be the reason?
I think I was way ahead of the current times. Still, what gives me satisfaction is the fact that 5/10/15 years down the line, Love Story 2050 would be looked as a reference point when it comes to special effects in films. Critics would be forced to do the comparison and admit that whatever be the case, the special effects in my film have been unparalleled.

Ek conventional love story?
People now ask me whether a conventional love story would have been an ideal launch pad for Harman. Well, my answer to them is, if only Love Story 2050 would have worked, you would have been calling me a genius (laughs), you would have complimented me to have taken a risk, thought of a really unique launch pad for my son and succeeded in a big way. All these ifs and buts can surface but the fact remains that the film has been completed, released and it is now time to move on.

Honey, how about Money?
Well, the film cost us close to 40 crores including print and publicity cost. DVDs, music and satellite rights have already got us back a big chunk of the moolah. Add to it the theatrical revenue so far and we are on good course towards recovering the investment. No one is worried or panicky about the situation. Moreover, as I said earlier, another positive sign is to see the film continuing to be on stable grounds. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Aur Harman?
This is the most positive aspect about Love Story 2050. Harman has been accepted all over and the reactions have been great all over. He already has 4-5 big films in hand with no ordinary directors at the helm of affair. After seeing him in the debut film, congratulatory calls haven't stopped flowing from people both within and outside the industry. And it is not just Delhi or Mumbai or Chandigarh or Hyderabad that we are talking about! Even in overseas market, Harman has picked a fan following amongst UK and US audiences.

I had made Love Story 2050 with a two point agenda - a) Make a film that thoroughly entertains the audience and b) Launch my son. While there are clear signs that the latter has certainly worked in a big way, perception is changing soon about the former too!