Happydent guy to make his film debut with Siddharth


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

A 'Celebrity' is often described as someone who will work extremely hard to become famous and recognizable. And once they are famous, they start wearing black sunglasses in order to avoid being recognized! That can hold true for almost everyone, but not Sachin Nayak. We are sure that the name will just not ring a bell. But, just one mention of Happydent White, the same very name will not just ring a bell, but also get 'lighted up' (quite literally!).

Sachin Nayak, for starters, is popularly known as 'bulb of Happydent commercial'. And the good news is that he is making his debut in films with a very interesting but unusual film titled Siddhart- The Prisoner. And guess what? The irony of the situation is that the film will not have him showing his trademark 32 pearlies. Instead, he looks grim through the film.

Talking about Sachin's role in the film, Pryas Gupta says, "When we were going through the casting, my fear with Sachin was that people have liked and appreciated him in a very unusual portrayal of an ad. The ad has not only brought him recognitions, but also won lots of international awards and in my film, he plays a character called Mohan who is fighting his destiny and living life on the edge. So through out the film he doesn't even smile once. But, I think, that has worked in advantage of the character and no one will recognize him as they same guy from the Happydent ad..."

Whatever be the case, we are eagerly holding on to our horses to see our Happydent man in action!