Hanuman Returns is now The Return of Hanuman


By IndiaFM

Anurag Kashyap’s directorial venture Hanuman Returns has undergone a change in its title and now will be called The Return of Hanuman. Not just that, the film was earlier scheduled for Diwali Release which was postponed to Dec 28 and now is slated to hit the screens on Dec 27.

On asking Preet Bedi, the spokesperson of Percept Picture Company, about the sudden change in the title of the film, he says, “Yes, the title has undergone a change from Hanuman Returns to The Return of Hanuman. However, the character Hanuman is so strong in itself that the change from that point of view is marginal. So, the film is still known for the word ‘Hanuman’ in it. The reason for the change in the title owes to numerology. We were recommended to change the name so as to make it a great success, the way we had been recommended during the making of Hanuman which of course was a hit.” Why this change into the later stages when it might create confusion in the market and among audiences? Bedi laughs, “The future of the earth is not dependent on this name. As far as the change in the later stages is concerned, we were immersed in making a great film into a great product and experience for the family and were not into numerology. Moreover, we were suggested to change and that’s why we have done it. Hanuman is a brand and a small change in the title won’t make much difference as far as the confusion among the people is concerned.”

It is heard that the director of the film, Anurag Kashyap did not like the idea of changing the title at the last moment. “No, that’s not true. Anurag has no issues with that. He is very much content and happy with the decision taken,” states Bedi.

Lastly, confirming the release date being preponed to Dec 27, he says, “I guess 99% of films are premiered on Thursday. The same way our film will have its premiere on Thursday that is Dec 27.”