'Halla Bol' lacks commercial viability


By Meghna Menon

Film: "Halla Bol"; Music Director: Vanraj Bhatia; Singers: Sukhwinder, Sneha Pant, Harshdeep, Amjad Farid Sabri; Rating: **

There's not much to write about Vanraj Bhatia's "Halla Bol". The music is average and Bhatia's compositions may not sell, which may be a disadvantage for the makers of this Pankaj Kapur and Ajay Devgan starrer.

"Shabad Gurbani" is a prayer sung by Sukhwinder Singh. Being a Punjabi, Sukhwinder delivers it well. The music is lot like what one hears at religious places with the harmonium and the tabla playing important roles. "Barsan lagi" is a classical piece sung by Sneha Pant. Mehboob Kotwal provides lyrics for the song, which doesn't have the potential to become a commercial hit.

The composer doesn't strike the right notes with "Is pal ki soch". Neither Harshdeep's voice nor the composition impress. The music doesn't have anything interesting to offer and chances are that it will disappear without a trace.

Next is "Jab tak hai dum". The song is about perseverance and battling all odds. Sukhwinder's forceful voice seems appropriate and the music isn't that bad. But again, commercially, the track wouldn't find much of an audience.

The qawaali is heard in full blast when Amjad Farid Sabri renders Mehboob Kotwal's lyrics in "More Haji Piya".

While Vanraj could be praised for sticking to the social theme of the movie and composing music accordingly, the album definitely has something missing. "Halla Bol" could have been composed better to make it commercially viable.