Gulzar puts common man's life in lyrics!


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, July 6 -- Last year, he made the nation sway to Ishqiya's 'Dil toh bachcha hai jee...' Now, Gulzar has put the common man's life in words for Pankaj Kapur-starrer Chala Mussaddi - Office Office, a film adaptation of popular TV series, Office Office.

"The entire project fell into place like a dream. Keeping the subject and story in mind, I could only think of Gulzarsaab as the lyricist. When I met him, he was very impressed with the film, which is about corruption in the system. In fact, he agreed to pen the lyrics without even picking up the script," says director Rajiv Mehra.

One of the songs, 'Aam aadmi...' is "sure to strike a chord with the common man." Says Mehra: "It really can't be simpler and more hard-hitting than what he has penned. Also, the second song, 'Chala musaddi...' is very contemporary and unfussy." According to the filmmaker, Gulzar "makes you feel really comfortable."