Gulaab Gang not easy film to make: Anubhav Sinha



Anubhav Sinha’s Gulaab Gang features Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla. Anubhav Sinha has dismissed reports that his upcoming Madhuri Dixit-Juhi Chawla starrer Gulaab Gang is based on the life of Sampat Pal. "It is not based on anybody's life, it's a fiction. Yes, there are some similarities
like it has a women's gang and the pink colour but the film is not a documentation of Sampat Pal's life. A lot of people took it for granted that it's about the gang but it's not," Sinha told PTI in an interview.

The Ra.One director is turning producer with the film and admits that it was not an easy project to put together.

"Soumik Sen (director) told me the story while we were in Benaras and I was really impressed with it. Logistically, it was very challenging to put the movie together as it has no male protagonist, and then you have action and dance sequences.

"Also I knew it would not attract money easily as it is not a usual film. I went through many tough times but ultimately I enjoyed making this movie," he added.

With Gulaab Gang, 47-year-old Sinha brings for the first time the two divas and former rivals -- Madhuri and Juhi -- on the big screen.

"We approached Juhi and she was surprised with what was being offered. She has never been approached with something like this before but it took her just three meetings to say yes.

"Soumik had already met Madhuri once, before narrating the script to me. So he kind of had her in mind. Again this is something very different for her but she was hands on ready for it."

Sinha says it was his long-standing dream to start a production house and he is more than happy to have Gulaab Gang as his first project under his banner, Benaras Media Works.

"I wanted to become a producer for the past 5-6 years. There are many reasons to it... One I feel there is a dearth of producers in our industry. We have people with good scripts but they find it hard to get it financed. It is a challenge to put a good project together and we don't have enough backing.

"Also after Ra.One I was drained as a director... The movie took five years of my life and I wanted to give myself a break," he said.

Sinha is currently working on three scripts which he will be directing under his production house. He has also wrapped up the production of his horror project Warning, which he aims to release this year. He is also producing Zid.