Guests under an unwritten oath of secrecy for Abhi-Ash wedding ...

By IndiaFM News Bureau


Mumbai gears up for the wedding on April 20, some more invitees are

being included in the guests' list, this time from the bride's side.

The 16-page wedding card issued along with a box of

cookies/chocolates, is now being sent off to the bride's filmmaker-friends

along with a personal request from the bride-to-be, her mother, or her


The marriage is still expected to be a very private affair. Those who

have been invited have been sworn to secrecy about the details regarding

the wedding schedule and also about the contents and look of the wedding

card, the dress code, etc.

Habitually gregarious friends of the Bachchans such as Karan Johar

and Apoorva Lakhia have gone into a shell, pretending to be immersed in

their shootings to avoid talking about the wedding.

Says an invitee, "The fact is, every guest is under an unwritten oath of

secrecy. We aren't even allowed to talk about the wedding among

ourselves. I'm not even discussing it with my wife. We're being offered

money by sections of the media to divulge details. One newspaper which

wanted to print the wedding card even offered me the equivalent of what I

make for five days of shooting. I naturally refused."

In the absence of any information from the Bachchans' residence the

media is being fed with utterly false tidbits about the actual events to take

place during the wedding.

Says one of the invitees, "The guest list keeps getting bigger every day

in the papers. Many of the names are planted by those who aren't