Guess Who!


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

We are sure that your weekend must have been really good (read 'best'). Well, after the lazy weekend, here comes your dose of mind-refresher, the quintessential something that you need to have a great week ahead! We are indeed talking about your favorite game of 'Guess Who', only on your favourite film website, Bollywood Hungama!

The fact about this week's celebrity is that her life is just like the open page from the 'Diary of the Rich And Famous', that there's hardly anything about her that is not known! Still, we will try our best to quiz you by saying that this week's celebrity is surely a chic who is giving many a topnotch heroines a run for the Numero Uno position!

There's a famous saying in Bollywood, that 'If you aim for the moon, you will surely get the stars'. Likewise, she aimed for the Universe, she got the World and how! This gorgeous lass who was born to doctor parents, first conquered the world of fashion and then entered Bollywood with a bang, but without any plan!

After reading the clues, if you feel that you have cracked this one, then, simply post in your clues below and keep your fingers crossed as we reveal the answers…next week!