Guess Who?


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Well folkies, we are not sure if you had a 'weak end' to your weekend or a superb end. But what we are sure of is that since today's a Monday, we will inject you with your weekly dose of some real nerve racking capsule in the form of 'Guess Who'. So, go ahead and put on your thinking (read 'Guessing') caps and kaam par lag jaao…

This week's chic is truly a chic in herself. She shares a part of her name with a Hindi name of a bird and also a private airline operator. Even though she is an undergraduate academically, she has easily graduated from doing TV serials to Bollywood. Her debut film's hero is someone who 'knows' everything about music and now films! As per our 'motto' we will not give any more clues. Over to you readers…simply go ahead and post your answers below.