Guess Who?

By Bollywood Hungama News Network

After yet another fun filled weekend, here comes yet another week full of surprises and excitements! Do not fret as Bollywood Hungama is as usual here, to kick your boredom and help you kick start your week and make it a memorable one. And what better way to do it than play game of 'Guess Who', World's Envy, India's Pride!

This week's celebrity is someone who is an epitome of an apt son who places his Mother above everyone and anyone. True to the saying "Jiske paas maa ka aashirwaad hai, kaamyaabi uske kadam choomti hai', success has always kissed his feet, for he is the man, whose 'Eyes' not just found Love in the year '1986', but also discovered 'Heaven'. He is also the same person who, t