Guess Who?


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Welcome once again to the world of Mind Bogglers, a nice way to pep your week ahead! We are indeed talking about 'Guess Who', the game that Bollywood Hungama had conceived, and is now perceived by the world over.

The clues for this week are not weak at all. This babe in question (Read 'picture') has studied at Mount Carmel School, and later graduated in History from Lady Brabourne College. After having acted in films of her 'MOTHER-tongue', she said 'cheese' to the Hindi camera, under the aegis of Bollywood's Dream Girl, for a telefilm. However, technically, she debuted in Bollywood's Cheetah cum Kaalpurush cum Sultan cum Hathyara's film.

This chic is not just into acting, but is also into painting, dancing, and handicrafts as well! The last clue is that she also shares a half of her first name with the original name of a Subhash Ghai's discovery.

We know that you fingers must be itching to type in the answers. So, waste no time and go ahead…Make (y)our day!