Guess Who?


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Gooood morning folkies. Before we start, first things first. We all are aware that it's not rocket science to know that man is the only 'animal' to be blessed with all the five senses (for the still-clueless, they are the sense of 'Sight, Hearing, Smell, Touch and Taste'). Since Bollywood Hungama is well aware of what 'Monday morning blues' is all about, we thought of being a bit extra generous by telling you to deactivate all your senses except for the sense of Sight, to participate in the game which we would like to call as 'Guess Who', which, today has become World's Envy…Bollywood Hungama's eternal pride!

The clues this week are as follows: The Miss-stery guest this week is indeed Bollywood's Miss Intellectual, for she is someone who is armed with a gleaming degree in International Business! Her dazzling and innocent smile is something that will actually make you 'Salute Love', not just on weekdays, but also on weekends, which obviously includes the lazy Saturday and the laziest Sunday! Her real life persona is so lively and lovely that you will be forced to give her 'High Five' the very moment you meet her! Lastly, this cutie pie has all the reasons to 'Celebrate' as her role in her last released film (whose title is synonymous with two legendary friends of Bollywood) was appreciated by one and all!

We are really, really sure that the above clues must have more than sufficed to get you through the name of this delicate beauty. Well, what are you waiting for then! Go ahead …post your answers below: