Guess Who?


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Good Morning Folkies. It's that time of the day to simply seal the looooong weekend fiesta and siesta mood, and say a beeeeeeeeg Hello a fresh new week ahead. And with summer at its peak, what could be more apt and cool, than to get your week started with a game that not just kickstarts you physically, but mentally as well! And needless to say that the name of the game is 'Guess Who', a game that is undoubtedly World's envy, Bollywood Hungama's pride!

Now for the clues: The celebrity this week is someone who, after attaining 'Self-Realization', shares his name with that of a legendary character from a famous epic. Not just that, he is surely as someone who will never settle for anything less than the bull's 'Eye,' since he is a firm believer of the saying 'The way a rose by any other name remains a rose, Love by any other synonym remains Love'. If you find all of this 'Impossible' to believe and that you still do not 'Trust' us, then, we will not say that scare you further, simply because we do not believe that 'Fear is a compulsion'. Instead, we can simplify the clues further by saying that this mystery man is 'One Stranger' who will 'Never bid you Goodbye'! Lastly, he is one of the very few actors in Bollywood to have such a lovely and lively 'Home Peaceful Home'.

So friends, if you feel that you have already 'Guessed Who', then, hurry up, look no further and quickly post your answers below: